Who We Are

NKYChoice is made up of residents, consumers, and business owners in Northern Kentucky concerned with the loss of personal and economic freedom that accompanies smoking bans, as well as the effects of a smoking ban on a local community.

Actively pushing for a smoking ban are special interest groups, national lobbyists (including big pharmaceutical companies), and local politicians who are using your tax dollars to promote their personal and business agendas.

Unlike those who are proponents of the ban, NKYchoice is collecting and presenting all of the facts on a local volunteer basis - not a single cent of taxpayer money is being used to fund this work.

Our primary mission is to work with as many other groups as possible, to educate the public on the lesser known consequences of smoking bans, by providing all of the facts necessary to consider prior to the implementation of a smoking ban, including the unintended consequences, and to present alternative and rational solutions, rather than an extreme, overbearing smoking ban.

The issue crosses political party lines. We accept support from anyone in the community seeking a better way than an overbearing, complete ban.

To see a summary presentation of this information, please see our presentation.