Bad Logic: Around Smoke

Claim: "I can't find anywhere without smoke"
Claim: "I carry an inhaler because I can't be around smoke"

The majority of restaurants are already smoke-free today.

Let's examine the history of smoking in restaurants in Northern Kentucky:
15 years ago, you could smoke at McDonald's.
10 years ago, you could smoke at Applebee's.
  5 years ago, you could smoke at the majority of restaurants.
Today, over 2/3rds of restaurants in Northern Kentucky are smoke-free.

Society cannot change everything based on a extreme cases. If there is a severe allergy concern, you will have to plan your life around it. Should we ask the Krohn Conservatory to move all of their high-allergen plants outside? Should peanuts be banned? Should all food be made to be safe for diabetics?

These extreme cases create niche markets which are filled by people who cater to these needs. You can buy foods which cater to the needs of a specific buyer. Free markets work.

There are now smoke-free bars in Northern Kentucky. More evidence that free markets work.