Bad Logic: Ohio Ban is great

Claim: Business owners in Columbus, Ohio love the ban
Claim: The smoking ban is going great in Ohio

First, patrons in Columbus, Ohio have to drive at least 90 miles to get away from their ban, so patrons no longer have a choice.

Second, business owners in Columbus do not love the ban. A great number of them hate the ban, if for no other reason than the affront to their property rights.

Third, a majority of those polled in Ohio in 2010 supported repealing the smoking ban in bars.

Meanwhile, in the first three years of the Ohio smoking ban (2007, 2008 and 2009), the state health department have spent a total of $3.2M in ban enforcement through the health department (not including any related calls to 911). For that $3.2M, they have levied $1.2M fines. This means they've already lost $2M in taxpayer money.

Making things worse, of the $1.2M in fines levied, only $400,000 had been collected. The other $800,000 was tied up in court, costing an uncalculated amount in extra costs for the judicial branch in Ohio.

Then, add this to the recent 2011 report that alcohol sales were up in Ohio in 2010, to all-time record highs; yet, bars are still down, way down, at the post-ban levels. Bars never recovered from the smoking ban.

And there are still plenty of "smoke easies", or places that blatantly violate the ban.

Obviously, not all is well in Ohio. Ohio is still working on relaxing their ban, as it has hurt their state's economy, and specifically the small business owners.