Bad Logic: Disturbing the Peace

Claim: "I can scream as long as I'm not disturbing the peace. You can smoke as long as it doesn't bother others."

When in or on someone else's property -- business or home -- you have the right to yell only as loud as they allow. You do not have the right to force what you want to do upon the property owner. The property owner decides what is or isn't allowed on their property.

You can't go to a hard rock concert and ask the organizers to turn down the music. You know before you enter, that there will be loud music. You make a decision to enter the concert, or not, knowing full-well to what you will be subjected, and can leave at any time, if the experience is no longer enjoyable. That is a consumer choice.

Likewise, you can decide whether or not to enter and remain in an business or home, if you know the owner allows indoor smoking. That is also consumer choice.