Bad Logic: Prefer DUI fatailites

A ban is worth the loss of those killed in DUI-related accidents.

Is it really worth killing innocent people to force change on 100 restaurateurs? People who may spend their entire life avoiding smoking establishments can die, so that the ban zealots can get the minority of restaurants left in the area that still allow indoor smoking?

There's a difference between government-legislated death versus self-inflicted death. People willfully choose to work and patronize smoking establishments - and NKY Choice has proposed plans to ensure that their actions are voluntary. Passing a ban will result in innocent death, in the name of preventing people from willfully engaging in harmful behavior.

If your moral compass knowingly allows innocent people to be killed by bad legislation, then there's not much else that can be said.

NKY Choice, on the other hand, does not advocate the taking of innocent life, especially when resulting from flawed government mandates.