Broader ban equalizes / Patchwork of laws

The pro-ban forces have recently (2013) begun using the argument that various counties having different smoking laws is confusing.

However, this statement is just stupid. Counties and cities all pass their own various laws -- from zoning to nuisance ordinances to alcohol laws -- and there's no clamoring by the public to standardize these laws.

In fact, such a claim is basically calling for the end of city and county governments. If having different laws is confusing, and that's why you need a smoking ban, then should all laws be handled at the state level? Should alcohol laws apply the same for all counties (are we going all-wet or all-dry)?

Local communities pay the price for their bad decisions all the time. If a local community passes a law that makes people want to move out of the area, they do so. To try to force policies on communities to make up for bad policies created in other communities is just spreading a bad policy, not fixing a problem.

This entire argument is flawed, on its face. Kentucky was built on the concept of local control. It's reflected in our Home Rule laws. This argument flies in the face of good governance, and is the complete opposite of what Kentucky is all about.