Bad Logic: Social Harm

"If somebody eats a cheeseburger, the person serving it does not get fat."

No, one person eating doesn't make another fat. However, if the person goes into a place that only serves cheeseburgers, they can't go in and demand that they be served a salad that isn't offered on the menu. Simply put, you can't, nor should you try to force people to change their lives just because you don't like it.

No one is forced into a smoking establishment. There has never been a reported case of someone being forced into a smoking establishment at gunpoint for the purposes of exposing them to smoke.

Additionally, this ban does lead down the route of regulating food consumption, because the argument "Smokers increase the cost of health care for everyone", as given by the pro-ban folks, also justifies regulating how individuals choose to eat, live, and work. Again, look at trans-fat bans in New York, and next in California. These were the same places to begin the smoking bans. UPDATE: In 2008, a Louisville Metro-Councilperson proposed a ban on trans-fat. It is a slippery-slope.