Solution: Green Circle Consumer Choice


Protection of consumers is the primary rallying cry of the pro-ban organizations. We believe that protection of consumers can be achieved through education, without a major infringement upon a business' property rights. This proposal would inform consumers of smoking establishments prior to entry and allow them to make an informed consumer choice.

Picture of Green Circle Sign

Purpose Of Plan

"Green Circle" is designed to maximize consumer choice, through an extension of consumer labeling laws, while minimizing the loss of the property rights of the owner. This plan seeks to empower consumers to make their own decisions.

Plan Overview

Any business which allows indoor smoking would have to have a sign posted on each and every entrance to the building, and exterior doors would have to have the sign made visible to anyone passing-by, and remain unobstructed.

Plan Strengths

Any business that wishes to continue to allow smoking inside of the establishment would be permitted to do so. Any consumer who did not want to be exposed to indoor smoking areas can easily make the decision without even leaving their vehicle. Such a plan is overwhelmingly supported by the small business community.

Plan Weaknesses

This plan does not address employee health concerns.

Plan Details

Under penalty of a $1000 fine for failing to do so, any establishment which permits indoor smoking must be clearly labeled as such. On all entrances and exits to a facility that allows indoor smoking, a sign, dubbed "Green Circle", must be placed a minimum of four feet nine inches, but not more then 6 feet, above the bottom of the door.

The "Green Circle" must have an outside diameter of no less than six inches, and the outside of the circle must be green, and be at least one-half, but no more than one inch in width.

The "Green Circle" must be visible to a potential patron without that potential patron even leaving their vehicle.

These signs, in "window cling" format, have a cost of $1 each, when purchased in a quantity of 1000 or more, which is a very minimal cost on businesses.

Practical uses

Such plans are already in use in the free market. Private businesses have voluntarily creating these signs in order to accommodate and inform the public.

Walt Disney World, in Orlando, Florida

Walt Disney World currently utilizes a very similar system to label the smoking areas inside their theme park. While their circles are purple, the use of green in this proposal is to make the sign stand out and not look similar to existing "No Smoking" signs posted at establishments throughout the area.

Kings Island, in Mason, Ohio

Kings Island Smoking Area Picture Kings Island uses a blue background, with white lettering and symbol to designate a smoking area within their theme park. These signs help smokers and non-smokers alike.

Those who wish to avoid smoking can do so. Those that wish to engage in smoking can do so. This allows Kings Island to cater to all potential patrons. (image by Ken Moellman)


Consumers are now empowered to make a rational and convenient decision as to whether or not to patronize the establishment. Business (property) owners still have control over what activities take place inside their establishment.

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