Kenton County Statistics

Kenton County August 2008 Restaurant Survey

Of the 172 restaurants surveyed:
120 (69.8%) are already smoke-free by choice .
Of the 120 smoke-free, 45.0% (54) are fast food, 55.0% (66) are sit-down

52 allow indoor smoking at least part of the time (30.2%)
Of the 52 that allow indoor smoking, 6 are fast food (11.5%) and 46 are not (88.5%).
We have surveyed 112 restaurants that are not fast food.
Of the 112 non-fast-food establishments, there are 66 smoke-free (58.9%), and 46 smoking (41.1%)

Survey completed August 9th, 2008

Raw data is available here

Covington Tax Revenue

The city of Covington had a 9% increase in tax revenues, in the first three quarters following the implementation of the Ohio statewide smoking ban. This is consistent with the national study data provided in the National Statistics portion of this website. As Covington is a border community without a ban, they are benefiting from an increase in business.

Covington had predicted a 3% increase for the same period. Their predicted increase was tripled, as a result of Ohio's ban.

Placing a ban in Kenton County would directly and adversely effect Covington's tax revenues. This would mean that additional taxes would have to be placed on the citizens of Covington to make up the difference.